Our Superior Concrete Cutting & Coring Equipment and Services

As a provider of cutting, coring, and sawing services, Straight Line Cutting usually works as a part of a team, making our contribution to the overall success of a project. We work side by side with electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, and project managers. Since we work so often with those who have different areas of...

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Case Study #2: Solving a Problem Some Companies Wouldn’t Touch

No matter what industry you work in, some jobs are just harder than others. There are those jobs that take more time, more effort, more thought. While some concrete cutting contractors may try to avoid these kinds of jobs, at Straight Line Cutting, we believe that these more difficult jobs give us a chance to...

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Case Study #1: The Value of Time When A Quick Response is Required

In our business, as in many others, time is valuable. At Straight Line Cutting, we always strive to be conscious of our customers’ time by showing up when we say we will be there and working diligently to get the job done promptly. But there are some circumstances where just being punctual is not enough....

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