Case Study #2: Solving a Problem Some Companies Wouldn’t Touch

No matter what industry you work in, some jobs are just harder than others. There are those jobs that take more time, more effort, more thought. While some concrete cutting contractors may try to avoid these kinds of jobs, at Straight Line Cutting, we believe that these more difficult jobs give us a chance to shine, to show our customers that we can handle whatever they might throw at us.

A Complicated, Messy Problem

Recently, we had an opportunity to demonstrate the range of our capabilities by solving a complicated and potentially messy problem. It started with a sewer line in an area middle school that was not working effectively. The problem may have been obvious, but the solution was anything but. Would we need to replace the entire sewer line, a costly and time-consuming endeavor that would require the school to be shut down while the work was done?

An Innovative Solution

After taking a look at the situation, we had another idea. We suggested adding a second line back to the original trench, which would increase the flow efficiency and alleviate the problem. The complexity of the situation made it necessary to exercise caution as we performed our work. We couldn’t just make a guess at where to cut the pipe and attach the new line. Precision was required! For this, we drew not only on our years of experience, but also on unchanging principles of math (geometry in particular).

Superior Concrete Cutting Contractors

Rather than shutting down the entire sewer system, we were able to perform this work on the live system. As you can imagine, this was no simple task. Working with extraordinary skill under demanding conditions, our technicians had to wear special Tyvex suits and use a respirator to provide protection from the toxic environment. As we worked, we also had to constantly monitor the air quality. We were able to gain access to the sewer line, make the modifications, and get the sewer lines back to sufficient capacity all during after-school hours.

The potential problems with this job were numerous, and some concrete cutting contractors may have passed up the work. But with confidence in our extensive experience, extraordinary knowledge and skill, and dependable equipment, we were able to come up with a solution that saved our customer time, money, and a potentially big mess! In the story of the school and the slow sewer line, Straight Line Cutting was able to deliver a happy ending.

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