Concrete Cutting and Coring Services

Straight Line Cutting is a leading provider of concrete cutting and coring services in central Indiana. Our highly-trained, highly-skilled professionals are OSHA-certified and drug-free operators who perform cutting-edge concrete sawing and drilling services that are cost effective and efficient. By combining our experience and equipment we are able to deliver outstanding results at competitive pricing.

Core Drilling

We have the ability to cut precise, perfectly round holes of various sizes up to 72 inches in diameter in brick, block, or concrete. We can drill smooth, round holes even in tight, awkward spaces or remote locations. To learn more, visit our Core Drilling page.

Concrete Cutting

We provide a variety of concrete cutting services to fit your needs. For a list of specific cutting services, see our Concrete Cutting page.

GPR Scanning

Locating items below-the surface before digging or demolishing is imperative for the surveying, construction, landscaping, golfing, environmental, development, utilities and many other industries. GPR scanning allows us to “see” what is below the surface before embarking on a project.

Concrete Removal & Selective Demolition

We also offer concrete removal services as well as selective concrete demolition. This includes concrete barrier wall demolition and precise concrete cutting machinery. The experience and training of our technicians allows them to complete a variety of selective concrete demolition projects.