Case Study #1: The Value of Time When A Quick Response is Required

In our business, as in many others, time is valuable. At Straight Line Cutting, we always strive to be conscious of our customers’ time by showing up when we say we will be there and working diligently to get the job done promptly. But there are some circumstances where just being punctual is not enough. Sometimes for concrete cutters time really is of the essence.

Flooded with Concern

That was the case when we received a call from the manager of a local heliport dealing with an emergency situation. A water main had burst and was spewing out hundreds of gallons of water each minute. With their outdoor space flooded with water, they needed a solution and the sooner, the better. The manager’s level of concern was rising as he had already contacted two other concrete cutters only to be told that their schedules would not allow for immediate dispatch.

Flooded with Relief

When we received the call asking for our help, we recognized this as an extremely urgent situation.  While we had a full day of scheduled projects planned, we knew we had to get there as soon as possible. We jumped into action and called our scheduled customers to postpone our start times. Our customers are great and they understood the urgency. When we got to the swamped heliport a little more than an hour later, those in charge were extremely relieved to see us and our equipment.

The Value of Quick Service

Arriving with two trucks and an assortment of equipment (since we weren’t sure exactly what we would need), we got to work right away. The location of the water main break meant that we had to cut across the road and through the curbs in order to gain access to the damaged pipes. We were able to provide the help that was needed and get this heliport back to business as usual with only minimal disruption of service. Needless to say, we have earned their appreciation and their repeat business. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver what our customers need, like helping in a hurry when the situation demands it. Call Straight Line Cutting for prompt, reliable cutting, coring, and drilling services and a quick response when needed.

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